"Hot Sauce" is not a fair nor realistic description. There are tons... of "hot sauces" out there. Most lack character. Each of Tamn's hot sauces have an individual and distinct character. There is first an introductory flavor, then a heat of varying degree and personality, and finally the tail. The Scoville unit score is not the measure of a great augment. But rather, it is the value that each added complement provides to the whole. She has an amazing assortment, of which I've experienced perhaps 30%. Last year, Ashley shared a case of assorted sauces with her compatriots, the culinary staff at the Ritz Carlton, Boston. This is a repeated 5-Star kitchen and the #1 RC in the US. Not only did the chef staff enjoy the experiences, excluding one chef, but they wanted to take home, post on their media pages and avoid sharing with the staff cafeteria. If Tam could make 50,000 bottles/season, we might have a franchise. Breath holding not advised.
Hey guys!
      Hope you are well. Just wanted to share again how much my wife and I thoroughly enjoy your hot sauces. Not only are the used to top many of the dishes we make at home, they're also used to cook with competitively.
    My wife is a White Chili "Champion"- she often competes and wins with similar recipes. The one thing that never changes is the addition of a "secret" ingredient. Several generous tablespoons of a Jalapeño-based hot sauce from a local fast-food Taco restaurant, of which I'm sure all Wyomingites are familiar.
  Unfortunately, they recently changed their recipe and the taste and freshness of the sauce were affected.  This left her searching for a new "secret" ingredient to take her chili over the top.
  After visiting with you guys at the Cheyenne's Farmer's market and sampling most (OK, all) of the sauces you produce. She decided that the Bite Me sauce would be the perfect addition to her chili. Bite Me stands far above other commercially available sauces on the market. Whereas some of those sauces simply taste like vinegar and "hot". Bite Me somehow captures the bright, crisp, taste of fresh Serrano peppers and still has enough smoldering heat to satisfy the hot-but-not too hot requirement. It's literally a perfect sauce.
    Sadly, like all great Chefs, she won't share her recipe, but one thing's for sure- Bite Me now goes into every batch.
    Thank you guys again for creating such wonderful and honest sauces. We're looking forward to finding even more dishes to incorporate Tamn's into.
    Take care!

-Travis and Lesley Johnson