The name "Hot Tamn" was inspired by our founder and her fiery/spicy personality. "Tamara" for long, "Tam" for short. When a friend tasted a new blend of peppers and screamed "Hot Tamn!" a brand was born.

Hot Tamn's sauces are born from the fertile soil and temperate climate of Torrington, WY, where sauce production has been a family-operated enterprise since 2007.

Sauces are made from the freshest home- and locally-grown hot peppers: many of which are germinated in our own greenhouse. Hot Tamn's will not tolerate artificial additives or preservatives. Through a special extraction process, only the pulp and seeds are used to create thick sauces that need to be coaxed out of the bottle - something you won't find on a grocery shelf.

We hope you enjoy every bottle of Hot Tamn's sauce as much as we enjoyed making it for you. Proudly made in Wyoming.