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Hot Sauce

  • Created with jalapeno and bell peppers, this little girl delivers the flavor and holds back the burn. (5 oz. bottle) $8.00




  • This is the original Hot Tamn's sauce and is so smooth you may think it is 'milk of the chest'. Made with jalapeno peppers and a little sass, you'll want to drink it from the bottle. (5 oz bottle) $8.00



  • Created from cayenne peppers kissed by dragons (not really), this little bugger carries a subtle punch (really). Could be a 6 on a very loose 1-10 scale. (5 oz bottle) $8.00

  • Size doesn't matter, but flavor sure does! Made from Peter peppers, our Little Pecker weighs in at a 6 on our 1-10 scale. (5 oz bottle) $8.00

  • Sneaking up like a ninja, the heat from this blend of jalapeno and serrano is about a 6.5 on our little 1-10 scale. (5 oz bottle) $8.00



  • Oh, yeah... Pure serrano pepper goodness bites you back in this incredible puree of wonderfulness. Could be a 7 on a very loose 1-10 scale. (5 oz bottle) $8.00




  • You've been warned, so don't be surprised! A beautiful mix of red peppers makes this combination memorable. Could be an 8 on our 1-10 scale. (5 oz bottle) $8.00



  • The red won't only be in the sauce. This secret blend will flush your system with pepper goodness. Probably an 8 on our scale of 1-10. (5 oz bottle) $8.00

  • You'll say, "This is one Hot Ass Sauce!" Creeping up toward an 8 on our 1-10 scale, is this little concoction of cayenne, kung pao and a bit of ghost.  (5 oz bottle) $8.00



  • Incredible and naturally hot! As the name suggests it could be a cleanse, but we don't recommend it. It's a 9 on our 1-10 scale. (5 oz bottle) $8.00

  • As hot as the Devil's Breath, this potion of green habanero and super hot peppers taunts your tastebuds. We give it a 9 on our 1-10 scale. (5 oz bottle) $8.00

  • A flaming ring of fire. 'Nuf said. Prepared from a blend of 'super-hot' peppers and tomatoes. Tops out at 9 1/2 on our scale. (5 oz bottle) $8.00
Enjoy this hotter than normal sauce created from 'super-hot' peppers, a bit of tomato, and spice. We're not liable for any injury you sustain when your face falls off. This is our full-on 10 on our 1-10 scale. (5 oz bottle) $13.00


Nothing can eclipse the flavor of this sassy five-pepper blend - not even on the dark side.  A mix of cayenne, habanero, and three super hots, fills the universe with flavor and adds a cosmic kick. Each bottle is $10 and comes with a pair of eclipse viewing glasses. Could be and 8 1/2 on our little scale.









1 pair of solar viewing glasses free with each purchase of Solar Sass


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Put these seasonings on anything you want to kick up the flavor of your food a notch or more!  

You’ll never use plain salt and pepper again! 

Jalapeno Seasoning. $8.00

Contains salt, pepper, onion, garlic, secret spices & dehydrated jalapeno.



Serrano Seasoning. $8.00

Contains salt, pepper, onion, garlic, secret spices & dehydrated serrano.


Habanero Seasoning. $8.00

Contains salt, pepper, onion, garlic, secret spices & dehydrated habanero.


Uncle Tom’s Heat No Bueno $8.00

Contains salt, pepper, onion, garlic, secret spices – no heat.

Uncle Tom’s PLAIN $8.00

Contains black pepper, onion, garlic, secret spices – no salt, no heat.


Use on pizza or pasta, steam rice in it, fry eggs and hamburgers in it, drizzle on popcorn, use in bread dough, put on salads and veggies... the possibilities are endless! 5 oz. $8.00



Hot Honey! Raw, unfiltered, Wyoming honey lovin' on the fire of habanero. Use on toast, biscuits, in granola and caramel popcorn, as a meat glaze, a dip, or in a bbq sauce... Oh, for the love of everything sweet-hot... Hot Honey!

Hot Honey




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Sample Pack

Seven sauces of your choice with chocolate caramels, infused with habanero, and creamy caramels with serrano and sea salt, packed in between the bottles.


Enter 7 choices here:


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Jalapeno Crackers


Oyster crackers lovin' on some Hot Tamn's Jalapeno Seasoning give this snack a crazy good flavor that you'll want eat again and again.
7 oz of goodness
(Contains: oyster crackers, Hot Tamn's Jalapeno Seasoning, and canola oil)



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Serrano Crackers


Oyster crackers soaking up the goodness of Hot Tamn's Serrano Seasoning are a medium version of hot snack crackers. To say the taste is 'incredible' would be an understatement!
7 oz of deliciousness
(Contains: oyster crackers, Hot Tamn's Serrano Seasoning, and canola oil)


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Habanero Crackers


If oyster crackers could talk, they would say, "Ouch!" These babies reflect the hot goodness of the habanero pepper and the crunchiness of cracker. In a commited relationship, these two are married with Hot Tamn's Habanero Seasoning. Enjoy!
7 oz of commitment
(Contains: oyster crackers, Hot Tamn's Habanero Seasoning, and canola oil)



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Jalapeno Pretzels


Mini pretzels and Hot Tamn's Jalapeno Seasoning are marinated overnight then slowly baked to perfection. Incredible flavor!!
6 oz of unbelievableness
(Contains: Pretzels, Hot Tamn's Jalapeno Seasoning, canola oil)



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Mix (or should I say 'MIX!!!')

Available from time to time... a mix of everything wonderful: jalapeno, serrano & habanero crackers; jalapeno pretzels, peanut crunch, caramels with serrano, chocolate caramels with habanero, and peanuts.
Are you kidding me? SOOOOO GOOD!


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Delicious creamy soft caramel with dehydrated serrano peppers greet the back of your mouth with a little surprise. Hints of sea salt finish the treat.

5 oz. $7.00

Creamy chocolate caramels are infused with habanero peppers and finished with sea salt. Bettcha can't eat just one!

5 oz. $7.00

Dehydrated habanero peppers are mixed in at the last moment to give heat to this crunchy candy. It's totally possible you will eat this bag in one sitting.

6 oz. $7.00



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